Tired of searching for your child's name sign while waiting in the car line for pickup?

Have you ever considered a much simpler method of storing the sign, preserving the privacy and contributing to a fund raiser for the school?

Line Sign allows for easy storage and is simple to use a flipping down the visor. Your child's name is displayed, when complete, the Line Sign is stored on top of the visor where the name will not be visible. Functionality of the visor will not be changed. The Line Sign is attached with Velcro straps so the visor is not marked or altered in anyway - attachment is a matter of minutes

Lastly, Line Sign is a practical usable product that is an excellent fund raiser for the school. This is a profitable, simple, effortless, fund raiser and it will be used every time you pick up your child from school. No door to door selling or standing in front of grocery stores. With the cost be so reasonable, both parents and grandparents can own one. Just think of the possibilities, playground items, art supplies, sports equipment, musical instruments, the possibilities are limited by your imagination